In every event there is a gift of learning. That is especially true of challenges. When we are challenged to change… the fear of the unknown can be paralyzing or activating. We are faced with confronting our self limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of.

We can choose…yes choose … to consider these events as obstacles or opportunities. The trick is to open up enough to allow.

Allow miracles to unfold in ways we did not expect nor could even have imagined. Often we have this ‘plan’ that locks us into a way of trying to manage the route. When we can let go of that way of thinking and recognize that we are only the navigators of this journey called life… so many miracles present themselves to help us and guide us through the storms.

That is kind of what is going on now…so many trying to control the outcome. We have a choice to be paralyzed by the fear of a new way or consider it a catalyst to create our own ‘new way’.

Our minds are powerful tools…what we think we create. Not because we are magicians, but rather because when you have a thought pattern the choices you make will support that outcome.

Couple that with perspective and it is a double dose of manifestation.

Years ago when I was an exhausted oilfield worker hating my life… dreading each day, but seeing no way out…. I was exhausted, angry, unhealthy and stretched to my financial limit. I thought this was the way it had to be. I had responsibilities and expectations, bills, a son to raise. I wished fervently that I would never have to go back to that job again.

My wish was granted. I got fired. I remember getting called in for a ‘dispatch meeting’. I had a gut feeling that I was going to be fired. I remember driving into the office for said meeting and praying that “If I can just come out of this with my job intact that would be great”.

I did ..kind of. Instead of being fired because I challenged their termination with cause which meant no severance pay and yes a more shameful release, I was suspended while they pondered their position.

I left that meeting feeling empowered but also wishing I would never have to go back. I wondered how I could continue to work somewhere that I had a target on my back. The Universe was listening and had a plan..

I was called in for another meeting with the owner of the company who had determined that indeed they were firing me without cause and that I would receive a generous severance. I maintained my dignity and integrity stating that their problem was not with me but rather with him. That company morale and integrity did not start in the middle and if he wanted the changes he was speaking of then he needed to step up.

I left that day with a huge sense of relief that I never had to go back through those gates into such a toxic environment. it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. Even though I had a son to raise and bills to pay…I had no fear.

I was later gifted the opportunity to stand strong in my release of that negativity when they asked me to take my job back as they had made a mistake in blaming me for many problems that in fact had not been my doing. I graciously said not a chance in hell.

The evening I was let go I had an appointment with a psychic. Of all the things she said in that one hour long session I remember only the last 5 minutes. She completed her reading asking if there was anything else … I said well the only thing I really need to know is about a job. She said ‘Oh you won’t get a job.’ I said “What!” she said “No. You are meant to work for yourself.” ‘Doing what?’ I asked. “I don’t know” she stated. The reading was now concluded.

That night I went to bed only yo be awakened at 4am by a vivid dream of a bright red phoenix rising… I jumped out of bed knowing that I would just start my own business. LTD (Live Til I Die) Ventures was born. By morning I had created a FB page with a list of all my talents abilities…business cards were ordered and I was on a new adventure. My venture was very successful in its own right. Work landed in my lap and I was very busy. But, I had to work a lot of hours to make the amount of money I needed to stay afloat.

Again I prayed. “Thank you God for making my business so successful so quickly, but can you show me a way to afford my car payment please.” He did. The very next day a person I had worked with before got a hold of me telling me his company was hiring and I needed to call the manager right away as interviews were the next morning. I was resistant to bother someone after hours but he insisted. I did call. I did get an interview at 9am the next day. I did get the job. I had a momentary panic attack re entering the oilfield world, but when your prayers are answered it is best not throw it back ungratefully. Car payment problem solved.

This job was with a great crew of people and was the best place ever to complete my oilfield career. That is another story in synchronicity. The moral of this story is ask for guidance with an grateful heart and an open mind. Be mindful for opportunities that look different than what you were expecting and express gratitude for them and don’t be afraid to take leaps of faith.

None of these experiences could have occurred without uncomfortable catalysts and faith in something bigger than ourselves having a plan. So….catalysts are a blessing. They allow for new growth and new learning and new opportunities to be all that we can be. Even and especially in these challenging times. They are the biggest test many of us has ever faced. The biggest catalyst….the biggest opportunity. We choose.