Balance in imbalance. Finding my center of gravity in these chaotic times is a tricky task. In this topsy turvy world it is like having ‘Bosu’ balls on the bottoms of my feet. Every time I think I have figured out the rhythm the terrain changes!

I sometimes find myself in the muck, struggling to reach solid ground. Mired down in dark negative thoughts that are scary. What will life look like next year, a month from now …even tomorrow as it seems the every changing landscape of the safe cocoon I existed in doesn’t exist anymore.

At times I feel as though I am swimming upstream in a raging river. Against the common belief system that prevails in this new world. I have always been a little left of center in my beliefs. Never really going along with the common thought processes but that is true now more than ever.

So how do I navigate in these tumultuous times and regain my balance. Well I have to accept that now more than ever is a time to maintain my stance as a willow. Strong deep roots with the ability to flex and flow with the energy swirling around me. Maintaining my core values with firmly attached roots and allowing the madness to flow through and around me.

I find this easier to do when I maintain meditation and yoga practices. These keep my energy flowing and allowing that these things occurring are not me. They are a series of events that are reverberating the vibration in and around me but they are not me. I can stay more in tune with the essence of me by observing these events and allowing the flow of them. Observing how they make me feel and recognize that the strength to overcome the fear and unease they stir up is within me.

As I write this I feel the areas of my body that are affected by this energy…solar plexus and throat. Telling me I need to work on empowering my voice to speak my truth. Stop being afraid of back lash and negativity. I cant avoid what others will project … I CAN empower myself to respond or not to respond to their energy.

Feet dug firmly into mother earth and limbs of rainbow colored willow branches….that is how I will maintain my balance in this topsy turvy world. Willows are strong, resilient, flexible and beautiful… I AM A WILLOW !