If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that it is called life for a reason…. We are meant to LIVE. Live with purpose, joy, passion.

We are often told to wait….wait for what? For a better time? A better opportunity? A better plan? Until things are perfect? Until the right time? When is that? Wait til things change? What if they don’t? At any moment life could end…then what! Life should be never saying “I wish I woulda”. Life should be filled with zest and passion.

Will I get it right every time? That is a big fat NO! But, that is ok. I will learn the lessons from the experiences and move on to the next adventure. Have gratitude for the positive things in the experience and gratitude for the negative things in the experience for those are OPPORTUNITIES to learn. Life is one big learning curve. When we know better we do better. How better to learn than by the 4-H motto…”Learn To Do By Doing”.

Wait …in my mind is the equivalent of fear. Fear holds us back from so many wonderful things. Fear of failure is crippling. We live in a society where people celebrate their successes vocally and publicly and hide their failures (learning curves) in the shadows. Fear of taking chances causes missed opportunities, experiences and adventures.

Waiting is putting life on hold. Which is kind of wasting it. In every moment we are one moment closer to the end of this life as we know it.

I am not waiting for life to get perfect to live it. I am going to live my life completely imperfectly and love every single minute of it!

Photo by Andrew on Pexels.com