I know when I first started this journey into helping others with their wellness I felt like who would come to see me? There were so many practitioners with more experience and more education. Who was I to think that I had anything to offer?

What I have learned is we all have something to offer. The key is to shine your light so that it can be seen by others. The ones that need your help will then be able to find you. Not all that see the beacon will feel called to that safe haven. Perhaps they are not ready for your help. Perhaps they went to a different lighthouse that resonated with them more.

All those things are ok and do not mean that the gifts you offer are not valid. There are many types of gifts and no one is better than another. Each of us that work in the healing industry bring forward our gifts our energy and that will be seen and resonate with people that our perspective gifts will help.

Everything is energy…so we attract clients that need what we have to offer and also don’t forget that we also attract what we need. In everything there is a gift a lesson or a challenge that we need to address in ourselves. We are a reflection of everything.

We are not the Coast Guard… we don’t need to hunt for those needing rescue. That is likened to a doctor or some other acute care facilitator. We are the ones that gently beam our light beckoning a safe place to land and a helping hand in the journey that is life.

So… whatever your gift/modality… beam the energy from your heart and welcome in those that find you. Knowing that whatever you have to offer is exactly what they need at that moment. Maybe it is just to find out that you know someone that can help them with their concern if you can’t.

Lead with your heart and you can never go wrong.