I have a favorite saying. “Never say… I wish I woulda…”

We will always be faced with decisions, choices, challenges. That statement has helped me many times come to a final decision. What will I be able to look back on and have no regrets?

I will never regret making sacrifices for the benefit of others. Nor will I ever regret making time for myself. Both are necessary and unselfish. I can live with that.

As long as each day I am being the best version of me I can be THAT day….I can rest easy in knowing I have done my best. Some days are better than others…some days I beat myself up. Some days I lament in self pity. Some days I judge and am angry. Some days I cry. Most days I am in peace within myself. Most days I walk easily in my own skin content that I am a good person that lives in love and peace. Most days I am in flow with the Universe and trust that all will work out the way it is meant to.

I look at the days of self pity, anger, judgement, sadness as an Opportunity to expand and grow. A chance to dig a little deeper into myself and flow through that place of unease. I am grateful that I have learned so many tools to help with this with this reparation of my spirit.

Life is full of learning curves. As long as I can look back at those learning curves and recognize the growth and maturation of process of this experience called life….Then I will never ever have to say I wish I woulda!