Lately I have been faced with another challenge in balancing my time and feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. I have had to ask myself why this, why now.

I recognize that I am a rescuer and put what is needed of me from others before what I need for me. I also recognize that this is a me problem, not a they problem.

The question arises…why do I love others more than myself? Why do I struggle to not succumb to perceived need. If I were not here to ‘help’ they would still survive. I just enable them to not have to look for their own solutions.

Having always been a problem solver and very resilient it is my nature to jump in and ‘fix’. I am realizing that perhaps this is an ego trip. My ego perks up when I am needed. It makes me special doesn’t it?

Or, does it make me avoid taking care of me? Succumbing to the anxiety of being perceived as selfish. I am working through this one.

I do know that I need to slow life down and have some roots and feel the energy of my toes lock into the energy of the earth. I can feel that as my feet lock into the earth and that core strength of the earth rising up within me I can reach higher for the stars and flow in all directions with ease and grace as I raise my arms to the sky and the energy flows and expands throughout my being.

I have discovered that this penchant for ‘helping’ others is really a distraction from helping myself. It has allowed me to stay in a state of indecision and flux in my own life and avoid making decisions and facing my own fears about my future and direction of my life and business.

So… time to slow down…get grounded and reach for the stars!