All this business with Covid has made me even more determined to live my life my way.

Like my tattoo says…my life my rules.

It has also become abundantly clear that resilience is truly a superpower. I thought having my own business was the ticket to freedom. I love what I do …helping people with their physical, emotional spiritual wellness is the most rewarding career I have ever had. It offered me freedom and purpose. It never occurred to me that a teeny tiny germ bug was gonna shut me down.

Now what. I spent the first couple weeks being a yogi and meditating. The happy introvert wasn’t at all upset. The happy introvert is still not too bugged about staying home. But the wild child gypsy doesn’t like being told to!

I have recently become concerned with what my business will look like now. But, hey…I am resilience personified. I always land on my feet.

Bring on Plan B and C.

Daytrading…not for the faint of heart but it is paying my rent. On line work supplements my income and I realized once again that I just have to stay open to what the Universe presents.

Oddly the challenges I have struggled with….confidence, self esteem, using my voice, arise once again. Using the tools I have learned via Breathwork facilitator training and Kundalini yoga I am determined to finally overcome the fears that even as I write this cause a tightness in my chest and throat.

I just know that when this is all over I will be a different person ….a better person. If we don’t learn and grow and evolve stronger in this….then we missed an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.