Many think they are breathing and I guess if you are not in a box then you are. However, the how we breathe can be the difference between fear, anxiety reaction or peace, acceptance responding.

I see that it has become a very reactionary world. I fall prey to that myself at times. I am not judging me….I am observing me. When we can pay attention to how we breathe ….long slow breaths (Inhaling your tummy should expand Exhaling your tummy should deflate …belly button towards the spine, adding in a conscious intention to fill your body with love on each inhale and exhale any negative crap out.

It sounds simplistic and it really is. It is harder than we think. Often we catch ourselves holding our breath, waiting for the next thing that is going to make us gasp WTF now.

In saying this I don’t believe that we have to turn a blind eye to all that is going on around us. But, rather change the lens of perception that you see it in. Change the voice of authenticity to a responsive voice versus a reactionary voice.

When we don’t breathe with intention and allow the oxygen into our cells the brain actually is in survival mode. This is not sustainable for long periods of time without having detrimental effects on our physical body.

So one of the best things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and calm is just slow down (do you have anything better to do?) and focus on your breath. Give your body the oxygen it needs to be healthy and your brain to find calm in the storm.

All storms pass. Weather this storm with as much resilience and calm as you can. Breathe…close your eyes and breathe.

Love and light to all