Every now and then something happens that reminds me that feeling is feelng and some days that feeling is sad. I figure that is just fine. The alternative to feeling joy, pain, sad is to feel nothing and that is no way to live.

Without experiencing the depths of pain how would I truely appreciate the highs of joy. All feelings matter. They remind me that it wasn’t so long ago that I felt very little and what I did feel predominantly was anger. Anger leaves very little space for anything else. It permeates everything. Why? Because that low vibration attracts more low vibration.

Being sad will pass. I embrace the ache as it wafts through my body. Reminding me that I feel and feel deeply. That means that when I am happy I am blissfully happy and that when I love I love with my whole heart.

To feel is a gift that I have given myself and I cherish all of it. Tears cleanse away the residue of sadness leaving a calm and peace that cloaks my heart in healing.