When the sky gives us shadow…it gives us opportunity to find our inner shine.

If you are like me it is easier to stay happy and positive when the sun is shining and warming your body and spirit.

After several cloudy days I decided this morning to take my mood into my hands. I conciously chose to shift my energy from that low vibration and do something to raise it up and make today a wonderful day.

That isnt easy I know. However, it is a choice. A choice I have been resistant to make this last couple days. Admittedly I have allowed myself to hermit and let my vibration and energy wane. I had to honestly reflect on the fact that being single and living alone is not always bliss. I had to face the fact that my life is up to me.

My happiness is up to me. My choices are up to me. I needed to reflect and consciously choose to raise my vibration and be happy. So, I took action. Action is the way we tell the Universe we are ready to recieve. Manifesting my best life still requires my participation.

Sooo…..I drank the bone broth, water, and yes the coffee. I breathed in some fresh air. I spread out my yoga mat and played a yoga session on you tube. Yes …I did the routine…I didn’t just watch it! I have to say…I really love this yoga style….the breathing techniques take you to such a fantastic space of higher vibration.

Now after a couple days of allowing myself to lay low and replenish…I am kickstarting my butt into gear to do.

I am challenging myself to be ok with just me for company. I am learning to be still. I am challenging myself to find joy in that stillness. It isn’t easy…but it is necessary.

Have a wonderful cloudy day…find your inner shine and let that glow come from the inside out!