Sometimes we get so busy being busy we forget to slow down and embrace lonely.

Being lonely makes space for us to reflect and look inside ourselves. Maybe thats why it is something we avoid. Taking that time to be in our own company and embracing that state of quiet can be disconcerting.

I have come to recognize that being alone, lonely is an opportunity. An opportunity to really breathe, to think singularly without diversion, to dig deep within our own spirit and see the shadows.

Stepping into the space of the shadow and shining the light into the corners and crevices. Having a good look at why being alone is a scary place is emowering.

I don’t like to think about the shadow side. I would rather stay in a state of perpetual love, light, peace and hope. But the reality is that without the shadows we would not have the pure joy of the light.

Walking into the light after a journey in the shadows brings a new perspective and a new appreciation for all that brings love, light and joy into our lives.

So I have decided that walking in the shape shifting clouds of the shadows is a process to be embraced…not endured. Today I will love my shadows and bring light to the crevices of my spirit. Today I will not fill my time with busy tasks to avoid the lonely. I will walk within it and learn the lessons it brings.

I will peek into the corners and sit down there and free myself from the anxiety that creates. I will allow the light of peace to fill the space that I have been avoiding. I will make friends with my demons. I will bring them into my heart where only love lives.

I will change my perspective of lonely. I will love lonely and all its gifts.