Life in and of itself is humbling when you break it down to moments. Right here right now in every moment, every breath.

As I ponder the miracles that are necessary to be in this moment at this time, it empowers my faith in a Universal energy that is bigger than I can comprehend.  To think that all things are not connected and that we have no impact on the world, nor the world on us is ludicrous.

Living in the attitude of gratitude is easy when you look around and realize that just the air we breath, the trees, birds, sunshine, rain….all of these things occurring via energetic shifts and sharing.

We can feel the energy change when a storm is brewing. The wind whips up and changes the air. Thats energy.

The sun shines down warm like a big hug. Thats energy at work.

Staying present in this moment feeling the energy of the earth, air, sun, moon animals is miraculous and gives us many reasins to stay in a place of peace, love and gratitude.

Miracles happen every day. Stay present, stay humble , stay grateful.

Love is harmony.

Embrace life…stay present.

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