I saw this post on social medai and I had an immediate knee jerk reaction that made me nearly puke.


I remember hearing that sound very well. I also remember the absolute terror that coursed through my very being. Beyond the physical agony. The terror clutching at me urging me to run. But my mind knew that running would make the consequences even more severe.

Standing there hearing the buckle unlatch and the belt swish out of the loops. The calm low voice telling you to strip. Trembling and fumbling hurrying  to comply before I had to be reminded that there was no escaping the inevitable lashes.

I can’t even remember what I had done so terrible as to deserve this. That time or any of the other times. All I knew was that …it was going to hurt and I didn’t know when it would stop. I also knew that after I would have bruises and welts from my shoulders to my knees and that sitting on the hard seats at school was going to be very uncomfortable for quite some time.

I also knew that I had to be careful not to let anyone see the marks. And, I had better not be foolish enough to tell anyone. Or….there would be more where that came from.

So to anyone who thinks that this post has any humor, or validity as a parenting tool….fuck right off.

No child deserves this. No child should be so terrified of their parent or any other adult that they will do anything to avoid this consequence. This is not discipline. It is abuse. It is a parent who can not control their emotions and resorts to bullying and abuse to control their child.

If you find any satisfaction in having a person small and terrified of you and what you can do to them….

If you can raise your arm and strike a small terrified person with a belt or any other weapon of ‘disciple’…..

If you can justify to yourself and others that towering over a child and lashing them multiple times with a belt ……

If you are ok knowing that you are changing this little person. Stripping them of their vital right to safety and security by the very hand that is pledged to provide that.

If you are ok knowing that they will struggle to feel safe and to trust and that every relationship in their lives will be tainted by this stripping of their power and self esteem….

What makes me really sick is that many of these toughies when faced by someone their own size back down….they exert their power only over the powerless.

Beating a child is a parents temper tantrum….you need the help!

Well all I can say is that Karma is a Bitch and it is calling your name