Life is a choice. A choice to be happy. A choice to be unhappy. A choice to live in gratitude for what is or to bemoan what isn’t.

We choose every moment of every day of our life what we want life to look like. Do we want it to be joyous and harmonious? Of course we do.

Then we have to make choices that support that. A lot of choices are based on our perspective of any given situation. It is easy to fall into the societal belief system that the world is against us but that isn’t true.

The universe really is on our side. It gives us whatever we ask for. If we ask for hardship….thats what we get. It is critical to focus on what we have that is good and what we want that is good. If we focus on the negative aspects of life then we attract more of that into our lives.

We are energetic magnets. If we are negatively charged we repel positively charged people and things and attract more of the negativity we say we don’t want. We have to be what we want. Think what we want. Be who we want.

What do you want? Decide. Live it.