I learned an important lesson today. I was reminded that it is important to stay being ourselves.

Often we change when we get into a relationship or move to a new place, trying to fit into a preconceived box. But that only makes us miserable and also the people around us miserable as a result. They grew to like us for who they met. Maybe even fell in love with us for who they met.

Somewhere along the line we fell back into the rut of what we thought a relationship should look like and as a result made ourselves and others confused and miserable. They don’t understand what happened to the person they met. They don’t know that you are fighting the demons of self destructive patterns.

They can not change the little movies that play in our heads about what life is supposed to be. But, we can. We can take control of our lives and decide that those useless little voices that tell us that things are supposed to look a certain way can take a flying leap. We can change the script of our lives.

The other thing that I was reminded of today is that it is important to be authentic so that we can attract people to our lives that resonate with us. When we show our true selves….scars and all…the tribe appears.

The tribe….the people that don’t judge us. That love us scars and all. The tribe that we think looking in from the outside has a perfect life. The tribe that just like us learns every day, grows every day, faces challenges every day. The tribe that sees our heart.

We have to be open enough to let the tribe find us. Share our joys, sorrows, pains and gains. Be vulnerable and real. When we think we are being strong…we are isolating ourselves and shutting the door on friends and opportunities to be happy. We don’t leave room for sharing and caring and loving.

Be real….be you…..let your light shine so that your tribe can find you!