In my work as a wellness practitioner I meet a lot of people that are experiencing struggles in life. They think they need to make big life changes to be happy. They feel like everybody else has a better life. Sometimes they have become someone they don’t recognize anymore because they are trying to be what they think others want from them.

I have learned this in life….everybody faces challenges and what we see from the outside looking in is not always what we think it is. I have also come to recognize that often we respond to pre conceived judgement. We project onto others what we think they think of us. We assume that they are going to judge us and find us falling short.

That may be true in some instances. But those are people that we do not need to be in our inner circle. But often the truth is that people are just like us. Facing demons of years gone by and trying to figure life out.

When we put on the facade that our life is perfect we do not leave the door open for honest and authentic communication, learning and growth. When we open our hearts and minds the people that resonate with us are drawn in and we find the kinship in facing lifes challenges in a positive and beautiful way.

The tribe is out there….and the more we live and breath authentically the easier they are to find.