I was thinking about this yesterday….how each thing that happens in life that derails us from our path is a pivotal moment of learning. When events arise that change our course….good or bad. It changes the direction and the momentum of our life path.

Pivotal moments are important. They are learning opportunities. I know personally that I am practicing now to stop when they occur and sort through it instead of allowing them to make me do a 180. Thus setting my course in life back to a default point.

I am working on stopping, breathing, assessing….then taking action, movement towards the next step. This isn’t easy. My habit has always been fight or flight, and sometimes fight and flight!

Learning to pause into the lesson being presented is a new experience. But one I am finding very helpful as I am very tired of starting over at a reset point from the past. Letting limiting beliefs and a stunted value system rule over how my life progresses is a behavior that becomes a bad habit. An excuse to fail. A bad habit that I am learning to overcome. As with all tough lessons….getting it perfect every time is unrealistic. Celebrating each small victory and each time the reset point is closer to the present than it was before….is success.

Living in the present and moving forward, not giving power to thought patterns that set me back in time is a challenge. But, I am finding that my reset point doesn’t go back as far as it used to. In time…..I have hope that that pivotal points in life will turn into a graceful pirouette resulting in transitioning into the next step in life with ease and poise.

Looking back over life I recognize many pivot points that set me off on paths of learning that now I recognize for what they are. Forty years later some of them! Slow Learner?! But I now recognize that each pivot point was a part of my journey to who I am. Who I am is F’n amazing.

I take those lessons in life now and assimilate them into who I am. Vulnerable yet strong. Caring but not a pushover. I am not defined by what was done TO me…..I am defined by what I choose to do with the experiences of life.

Pivot points are learning curves. It is our choice whether we repeat the lesson….or get a passing grade….or optimally, take that learning curve and own it and pass with flying colors.