I had an epiphany yesterday. I woke up recalling a very strange dream and to top it off I wasn’t feeling at all well. Chills, sleepy, head stuffed with cotton….altogether terrible. I am a big believer that our physical symptoms are a clue to our emotional state. But I wasn’t in the mood to explore that yesterday. I preferred to nap and snuggle in a cozy blanket…which is in itself therapy.

Finally,  last night after a discussion with my boyfriend who is following my lead and exploring the emotional aspects of our physical ailments….I decided I needed to try and sort this all out.

I laid down on the bed and put on some soothing, relaxing music and asked that I please receive a more clear idea of what I was missing. I held my hands to my head and asked that the Reiki energy help me sort through this muddle of unwellness.

Finally as I lay still. Calming my mind and my breathing…..I came to realize that I needed to shut my brain off more often. Overthinking things has long been a bad habit of mine. Making little things HUGE. Analyzing what things REALLY mean. It doesn’t matter….

Love with my heart and not my head ….that was my epiphany. It makes things so simple. Don’t rationalize and analyze….just love. Love heals all. Love of ourselves, others, friends, foes, strangers….love is the magic potion that makes the world bright.

I woke up this morning my voice intact, my head clear, ambition firing and ….loving with my heart. I put my mind to better use reading, learning, writing, growing …..working on me being my best me.