Every day we are met with decisions. Decisions as simple as what to have for breakfast and as complicated as letting go of limiting beliefs.

It sounds like it would be easy to trash old stuff that is no longer needed in life. But in the same way we can struggle with parting with our favorite old blue jeans that are ripped torn and don’t even fit any more…..we can struggle to toss out old emotions that are counter productive to our emotional wellness.

We have received messages from various sources all of our lives. Some of these messages have been damaging and detrimental to achieving the abundance that we all deserve. Those little voices that remind us that we should be practical and realistic….not set our sights too high. The niggling feelings of anxiety that occur when we think big or dare to dream because that challenges the comfort zones we have established for ourselves to stay safe. To make sure that we are loved and accepted by those that helped us limit ourselves to not stepping out of the box.

Well….that is not the way we are meant to live. We are meant to believe we are capable and deserving of reaching for the stars and grabbing one….or a dozen ….or more. We are meant to utilize our unique abilities and talents in the most amazing ways we can dream of.

Put all those little messages that say you can’t on sticky notes…..then….ceremoniously burn them. Then…..put all your hopes, dreams and passions on a vision board and make reaching for the stars and living your life with zest and passion and grabbing stars your new vision.