As with every transition in life we have to stop and reflect on where we have been….where we are going. At times we have to face fears and shortcomings. Examining what the root cause of that fear is.

I have had many situations occur this past year that I had no control over. I had to lean in and support others in their personal battles. This meant that my life got put on hold. I don’t resent that ….it is life.

Now that those situations have resolved I find myself trying to get back to my life. What is that? What does it look like? What do I want it to look like? I have been struggling to regain equilibrium in life. In self examination I had to recognize that I was procrastinating about almost everything.

I could keep busy all day long doing ‘things’. But not the ‘THINGS’ that I had on my dream list. For some reason I had a hard time recognizing the things I wanted as important. I finally realized that because I have come to see accomplishment in terms of visual or externally acknowledged activities. Why?

I realized that I had blocks regarding success. Procrastination was a form of avoiding failure. By keeping busy with things I could SEE completed I avoided pursuing my less tangible goals.

I avoided the fear that I might fail. I avoided the emotions that were attached to those goals.  I finally had to face the root of that fear ….ask myself if I was going to live in fear or reach for the stars.

I finally had to face the reality of what my procrastination habit was all about and decide to take steps to overcome it. Live by the words I say all the time….the only failure is in  not trying.