Have you ever thought….my passions are for my spare time…a hobby…when I have time? Accomplishing my dreams is for tomorrow? Maybe you too are plagued by self limiting beliefs.

Somewhere along the line we heard something that taught us that dreaming big was not realistic….not practical….for others. We perhaps received the message not to set our sights too high, lest we be disappointed.

I was told once that I needed to be more realistic. That my dream was too big for a country girl like me. So I set forth in life doing practical things and accomplishing tasks that were measurable by other peoples standards so that I would be recognized for accomplishments that would garner me praise by those that supported a limiting belief system.

The dreamer still existed and every now and then burst out exploding the bubble I was living in and shook things up. But without purpose….the big dream was a distant memory. After a period of aimless wandering I would fall back to what I knew…..getting by day to day.

I have been taking faltering steps towards my dream…purpose…vision. I have been plagued with road blocks and detours and learning curves.

I had an epiphany today….I was still plagued by the limiting belief system. I wasn’t settled into the accomplishment of my dream. I was treating it like a hobby….trying to fit it into my spare time instead of fitting other things around accomplishing my dream. I was busy…busy being busy at tangible tasks that were visible to the naked eye as accomplishments. But doing nothing to nurture the essence of my spirit. I was still caught up in the old message of my dream being too big ….and unattainable for a country girl like me.

But this country girl is gonna dream big and reach for the stars and accomplish her dreams…no dream is too big!