When your heart breaks the pieces get scattered to the wind. Maybe that is why you can always hear voices in the wind calling you. Asking you to listen and look for the bits scattered far and wide.

The fragmented pieces are everywhere you look and in everything you see. The memories waft past in disarray waiting to be gathered up and put back together. Even when you have gathered all the pieces …..they have to be assembled and then reconnected. Never quite the same as they were before.

Little scarred seams crisscross the surface as you put the pieces back together. Are they stronger? Sometimes….it depends on what you have used as adhesive. If one uses glue of love maybe they are. If one uses tears…that dilutes the glue….then likely not.

Broken hearts can mend….forgiveness and love can mend all. Time diminishes the etching of the scars. Love can bathe the scars in a soulution of healing. Forgiveness dries up the oozing infection of hurt. Letting go of the why and just following the guidance within makes pieces fit together again and work harmoniously.