Have you ever struggled with procrastination? I have. I still do. I try to figure out what I am afraid of. Why do I spend more time on thinking about my goals rather than spending time accomplishing them?

If they are random dreams then they are something elusive. Fear of failure and being judged lacking hods me crippled in time. I am a great starter. Enthusiasm for the new always fuels me for awhile. Perhaps it is the mundanity of the process that causes my enthusiasm to wane? Fear of completing it and then what? Anxiety over what if the accomplishment isn’t as sweet as the concept of the dream?

Regardless I can always manage to fill my time with tasks that keep my completion of dreams …..a dream.

To sort through that fear….that anxiety is a process. To accept that failure only occurs when you don’t try and others judgement of your accomplishments is not for me to worry about. There are those that will cheer for you even when you suck and those that will ridicule you especially when you succeed.

I have to accept that I have to detach from what others perception of my success looks like. Determining what success looks like to me, and feels like to me is the only measuring stick that matters.