In times of loss we can become overpowered by the shadows for awhile. It takes time and stillness to realize that the way out of the shadows is love. Love is the light.

The journey to love, to light is at times a slow and tedious one. The light can at times be just out of reach. It is just ahead of us. Beckoning us to follow the promise of its brilliant rays.

The light of love is right where we are. If we are still and patient. Listen with our hearts, not our ears. See with our hearts, not our eyes. Light and love comes to us.

Feel what needs to be felt. Cry the tears that wash away the shadows. Scream the words that need to escape. To hold them in gives them power… long as we hold them in…their energy percolates within us. Releasing them eliminates their power.

Let the darkness ebb away with that release and fill the void left behind with the light….the light brings the love and love….is all there is.