We have all had them. Those dark thoughts that make us wonder if life is really worth living. That fleeting if I just drifted into the left lane when that semi reaches me. What if I don’t turn the corner…just stay straight off the end moments.

Depression can touch all of us at various times and to varying degrees. Causing our thoughts to spiral into places that are dark and lonely. We think no one understands me. No one would miss me.

Our minds play tricks on us. I have learned that we need to listen with our hearts. Our hearts tell us the truth. I love and I am loved. I never understood the fight in me to live until I thought I might not. The scariest thing in the world was the thought of leaving the people I loved and who loved me.

Sure if I were gone they would survive. But their lives would be forever altered by my absence. It is not for me to decide when it is time to go. It is God’s. That is my faith. Along the way challenges arise to test us and teach us. I call them life path auto corrects. There are things we need to learn and understand and sometimes we veer off the path…life has a way of putting us back on the correct path.

At times we change the course by implementing free will. Non heart centered decisions. We have to learn to accept the course we are on now and take what we have learned and continue on. Looking back does no good. We can’t change where we were.

There is something positive about even the darkest day. Choose that. There is always a guiding light. Choose that. There is always someone to love you and be loved by you….Choose that.