Come out swinging. We can never just cower and feel sorry for ourselves. That accomplishes nothing. Life demands action. Sure the Universe provides what we need….what we need….and sometimes that is a kick in the ass.

I call it route correction. When we go off track in our path….we get little hints and nudges ….sometimes backed into a corner. These are meant to force us to open our eyes and identify whether or not we are on the correct path.

I remember a few years ago I finally went into the hospital to be checked out for excruciating abdominal pain. After a series of tests…..the Dr told me the news. We think you have cancer.

The room closed in on me and it seemed like her voice was travelling down a long tunnel to reach my ears. I was a single mother and the thought of leaving my son behind was not fathomable.

When the doctor was done explaining the situation and the next steps…I got up thanked her and began to walk out. She asked if she could hug me. I said …’No.’ She asked if I understood what she had said. I replied…. ‘Yes ….I may have cancer and I may need surgery, may need chemo, may need radiation, may die.’ I said…’I have a young son at home and I can not just check out of my life. In any event I need to get my ducks in a row and prepare for the next steps….call me when you know what that step is.’

Finally the results were in and the conclusion was that I did not have cancer. I had a fast growing tumor of some sort …but not cancer. Surgery was required to remove it.

The relief that coursed through my body coupled with elation….are inexplicable. Laughing and crying simultaneously I called everyone and delivered the news. Finally, limp with the release of pent up anxiety….I crumbled. The tears that had been locked away as I leaned into the practical necessary steps of life began to fall silently at first and then in a torrent of release.

As the tears began to ebb I began to think reflect on life and what I had been missing, Immersed in my career with little time for family and friends, I had let my priorities become skewed. I had worked hard to ‘accomplish’ something. Accomplish what?

It dawned on me that had the results been different….none of those accomplishments would have meant jack shit. I realized that family and friends….that was the true riches of life. My accomplishments would not have mourned me. My employer would have quickly replaced me.

So yes ….life backed me in the corner. I came out swinging. I learned from the experience and live life now not chasing the pot of gold. The pot of gold is in every day and every person I love. It is in every sunrise and sunset. It is in all moments of every day lived.