Life has gotten so fast these days. We schedule down time?!  What kind of life have we created?

This is supposed to be easier times isn’t it? But we get so busy and so caught up in bigger, better, shinier. Why….have you ever seen anyone take their shiny things to heaven with them….does their banker show up at their funeral? Maybe if they have gold fillings to dig out to pay down the debt left behind.

I learned my lesson about life/work balance a few years ago when I had a cancer scare. The company I worked for only cared when I was bringing my company truck back and when I would be back to work. Not one call just to see if I was ok.

Now…..I still manage to fill up my time to the point of burnout. Then I crash for a day or two. Why?

Because our society is so geared to productivity that we don’t factor in that we need down time. We take work with us everywhere we go.

Soooooo….what is the solution? Change our way of thinking….

This past year has been a learning (yes another one!) curve. There is more to life than work. We don’t need fancy cars…bigger homes….we want them.

Life is happier without them for me. Yes ….with the downturn in the economy I lost them. I could no longer afford them. But guess what….I don’t care. Life is simpler and more joyful without the anxiety of those payments.

Less is more.

Less stress is more sleep.

Less work is less money.

Less money is less debt.

Less debt is less stress.

Let go of the stuff and live.