My biggest fear in life is laying there at the bitter end and looking back over life and wishing I woulda.

I may not do everything right every day. I may take the scenic route….and every now and then I say…OOPS I fucked that right up. But….I much prefer that to wondering what would have happened if I had only tried.

Life is an experience. It is meant to be lived. It is not merely a passing of time until we die! We need to take chances and embrace life. Whether in love, work, taking a different route home.

I know sometimes I can appear as though I am a flighty and scattered….and maybe I am. But! I live! I take chances. I trust that all will end well and it generally does. Even if all that I take away from the experience was a lesson in what doesn’t work. I will never have to wonder …what IF I had tried!

Have a beautiful day my friends…love to all.