Someone said to me once….”I hope you have reflected on your mistakes”.  To which I replied “I haven’t made any mistakes”. Just experienced a few learning curves. Granted some of those learning curves were hard to maneuver and I had to take multiple runs at them. But inevitably I did learn to navigate through the tricky bits.

The biggest thing that I had to figure out first was that….even though someone else had created the treacherous path, I had made the choice to follow it. I had to take responsibility for that and make wiser navigational choices.

In fact I have finally discovered that the journey of life does not have to be filled with scary S curves with cliffs on both sides. In fact when we are living authentically in line with our purpose, life flows quite easily.

Sometimes we are tested to see if we are sure we really want the easier way. Those forks in the road making us choose where life goes. But…..we choose. We always choose.

Sure at times things seem out of our control. The hazards that we encounter seem impassable. Stop, think, realign the goal….the way becomes clear.