Living our lives in authenticity means we sometimes swim against the current of popular belief systems. It can be challenging to stand firmly in the knowing that this is ok.

We can tend to want to follow the pack trying to fit in and be liked….fit into social norms. Always wondering why we are not quite as happy as we could be.

When we don’t follow the inner guidance that we receive….life gets harder. My boyfriend alsways asks me how I do it! I throw my wish out to the Universe and the answer always appears in short order. My job is just to gratefully accept what appears…even if it does not look quite like I anticipated it might. I have to trust that it is intended to advance my higher good.

In saying that…. you know the old saying….you get what you wish for? Well we do… Consciously or subconsciously we are getting what we wish for. So it is important to be mindful of our thoughts and words.

Live in a place of love. Live in a place of gratitude. Live authentically and be happy.

Love to all