You have the starring role in your life. Others drift in and out as their participation is required. Some are there forever….they can grow and change with you. Or at least accept the growth and changes and maintain a relationship with you that does not compromise you. Others participation is no longer part of your journey.


people-come-and-go   Sometimes it hurts when friends drift out of our lives. But instead of focusing on the sense of loss we feel when that happens…..focus on the gifts they brought, the lessons delivered. Express gratitude for their company in that leg of your lifes journey. They brought with them a new growth and experience that you needed …or they needed.

As always…..gratitude is the key. Especially for those that we had to detach from as those are the ones that promoted the most growth and awareness…..Kinda like ‘Miracle Grow’ for the soul.

Beauty day my friends. Live today! The only day we know for sure we have.