As my thoughts swirled around in my head my body succumbed to exhaustion. Tears have a way of exhausting a person. Is that because sleep is an escape? A release of the flood of emotions? Is it because everything seems worse when we are completely knackered?

All I knew for sure was that my sadness was all enveloping and the escape of sleep was a welcome reprieve.

I had fallen asleep feeling dejected and helpless. I woke up with the dawning sun…always symbolic of the new day and new hope. As the day dawned over the expanse of the prairie landscape I could feel the sun warming me soul. Reawakening my spirit.

Nothing had changed except my perspective. The only thing I have any control over…me. As much as I would sometimes like it to be different sometimes….it isn’t. As the daybreak burst into the warm colors of dawn….a thought reverberated through my mind.

Every time I feel lost or need guidance I know the one place that I will get solid answers. Answers with integrity and compassion and truly have my highest good in mind.

From my knees I began to hand over the churning thoughts. Letting go of any notion I may have had that I might have control over the outcome of them. And that if I did intervene by imposing free will over them…..I would surely crash as I always did when I didn’t listen to the little voice that whispered from my soul.

When I had cleared the debris of scattered thoughts I rose up from my knees and looked at the day with a new perspective and new hope. Knowing that……when I am completely knackered… is only a prayer away.


via Daily Prompt: Knackered