In my practice as a wellness practitioner I recognize that often our physical bodies are holding onto our emotions. Until those emotions are released….the aches and pains will return.

Using our voices seems to be very difficult. Why do we feel like we can not express ourselves? Is that a paradigm of societal conditioning? Whatever the reason….the more I explore the root cause of a physical condition….it stems back to emotions that a person feels unable to express.

Now I may loose some of you here but….our bodies are all energy. Think of our bodies like an electric fence. When the grass grows up into the fence…the electrical current is interrupted and the fence does not work as well anymore. As we clear away the grass…..the flow of electricity improves.

Our emotions are the grass. Expression of these emotions….the tender loving care of our energy system by clearing the pathways of energy flow.

Speaking up does not have to be confrontational. But often it ends up being so. Like the volcano that simmers under the surface until it erupts….our voices burst with pent up emotions. This eruption can be just as devastating as the lava spewed from a volcano….you can not retract these words any more than a volcano can retrieve its lava.

Personally, I think it is important to express ourselves freely. With kindness, love and respect. Remember our rights end where others begin….and their rights end where ours begin. So we have to remain mindful that we speak with integrity….but also honesty.

Keeping our emotions tamped down is not healthy on any level. We all evolve and change over time. Communication makes this evolution a gentle flowing of time. Stuffing those feelings down creates a disruptive eruption that leaves others standing bewildered and lost .

So my friends….use your voices with love, kindness, compassion, integrity and honesty.

Embrace YOU. Empower YOU. Be YOU.