Am I the only person that gets that little flutter in her belly when someone ‘likes’ something I have written? Am I the only person who struggles with that reflex response to someones approval of me?

That reflex response is amplified by the introduction of social media. We can send likes and hearts and thumbs up…..or the flip side the grumpy faces etc. We don’t express ourselves anymore. We just hit a button that lets someone know how we feel about how they feel. What a world this has become! We don’t communicate anymore in any real way.

All my life I have struggled with measuring my value against others opinions of me. I learned to listen to the tone of the voice, watch the facial expressions and body language. Now I am plagued by the emoticon age!

Just when I think I have it all under control and I don’t need others approval of me to recognize my own value and worth….someone ‘likes’ something I have done and a little flutter darts through my belly. Giving power to an emoticon to determine my emotion. To determine if I feel that I have done a good job.

I know now more than I ever have that who I am… who I am. Other peoples approval is not required to maintain a level of self confidence. I am ok with the knowing that I will not resonate with everyone. Just as everyone does not resonate with me. We are just different. My approval of them is as inconsequential is theirs is of me.

Yet….we feel our opinions and approval of people is a right. A right that we can express in any way we want to.Well folks….here is a news flash….


I don’t require your approval of me to maintain a healthy level of self esteem. Nor should you require mine. I know who I am. I like who I am. I love being me. I love finding people I resonate with and sharing love.

Detachment from requiring others approval can be a daily exercise as we confront the onslaught of social media ‘likes’ can be challenging. I just need to maintain my equilibrium and stay centered within and grounded. Live in the present and trust my inner guidance to lead me along.  Stay true to who I am and let my light shine. Then I know that I am standing in the light of approval from the only source that matters.

Cheers everybody and stand tall in your own power….my approval is not required!