I was out walking along a river and absorbing the rays of the sun warm on my skin and filling my heart. The quiet was food for thought and nourished my spirit. Wandering along the bank taking note of all things big and small I noticed this little tree poking out from the rock. Tenaciously hanging on. Taking root and opening its leaves for the light, its life line.

It occurred to me that we all need to do that. Plant our roots and open ourselves to the light….the source…..spirit….our life line. I pondered that when we have our feet firmly planted and connnected to the solidity of Mother Earth we can hold up our faces and spirits to the light. Allowing ourselves to be embraced by the energy and love offered by Spirit while keeping grounded and balanced.

This little tree was symbolic to me of the tenacious hold I have at times on staying rooted. I gazed at it awestruck as I really saw it. I was reminded that sometimes life seems rocky and hard. Survival imminently precarious. An awareness took hold.

When I keep my feet firmly rooted and my face and heart open to the light….survival is not precarious…..it is inevitable.