I always remember the times spent with my grandparents as special. The memories are cherished bits of history that always evoke an emotion. A nostalgic smile, a tear, an inevitable softening of my heart.

I have always believed that I have Divine guidance. I didn’t  always listen to it any more than I listened to my parents advice. Being the strong willed stubborn person I am….one of my greatest challenges has been to release my attachment to overriding the Universal guidance with my free will.

The Universe is persistent though. Regardless of my attempts to interfere with my path in life……the Universe continued to auto correct me. You will have to wait for my book to read all of my auto correct experiences….but there were many!

This past year there have been so many changes in life and I have been getting much better at following the path that I am meant to be on. How do I know this? Signs abound!

A few years ago when I began meditating I had an awareness that I was supposed to mend fences that had been neglected over time or were in disrepair from the storms of life.

This awareness opened a floodgate of change! I had to change me first. I had to learn to let go of hurt feelings and forgive. Truly forgive. One of the things that I realized is that people are who they are. We can choose how we respond to that. But being disappointed by what they give is futile. They give within their capacity to give.

I was also gifted with an awareness that my purpose in life had to do with helping people. I was not sure how this was to happen yet….but the Universe did. It auto corrected me until I found the lush green path that led me to where I would experience my Nirvana.

The Universe lined up all the stars to make my current path accessible. I always felt like I was protected and loved by a Higher Power. I know now that one of those higher powers is my Grampa.

I have always loved plants and rocks. Landscaping and just being in nature. This is something my grandfather shared with me. We spent hours walking up and down the road looking for agates. Quietly walking along looking for the glint in the gravel that signified that we had found a treasure! Walking through his garden was magical. He had such a green thumb.

Last year I ended up moving back home. My dad still lives on the farm that my Grampa homesteaded. The farm has changed a lot since those days but still triggers those memories of Grampa and wandering through his magical yard. The signs from Grampa began to occur regularly once I moved back home letting me know that I was in the right place.

I was helping my dad with the farm work. Driving up and down the field with the tractor there was a hawk that was perched on a bale. He was always there….and looking at me on every pass. I was told that he was just there because the fields were abundant with mice. I thought this was a possibility until I was on my way home.

Driving home that night there was a hawk in the middle of the gravel road. I thought that is odd. As I got closer the hawk flew up and as I passed by where he was sitting the hawk flew over the hood of my car! I looked heavenward and said ‘Hi Grampa….Thank you!’

Later in the summer I saw a hawk on a post. He sat and watched me as I took many pictures of him. Also a sign.

I have been dabbling in wire wrapping crystals and stones lately. A few weeks ago my dad gifted me the stones that he had that had belonged to Grampa. I began using them in my creations. If I needed any more signs that I am doing what I am meant to do……here it is! The one one the right is a Ghost Phantom Quartz and the one on the left is made of my Grandfathers agates.