The air was fresh and clean in the aftermath of the summer storm. I could see the rainbow brilliantly shimmering on the horizon. I was mesmerized as I always was by the mysticism of the rainbow and sure that if I could reach it the pot of gold would be mine. Symbolic of all my dreams coming true. Rainbows tell us that we are guided to our hearts desires when we open up and let Spirit guide us.

I gently nudged my beautiful bay gelding forward. His ears perked forward in anticipation of an adventure. As a young girl I was often in my own little world of adventure and imagination. Jazz was one of my trusty steeds in my own little world of bliss. Together we outran bad guys and saved the world. Jumping over fallen logs and zig zagging through the forest.

Today we were on a mission of reaching that pot of gold. The grass glistened with raindrops as we set off towards the east. The rainbow beckoned and we answered its call.

We never reached the rainbow or the pot of gold that day, or any other day for that matter. But that never stopped me from chasing my dreams. Albeit circuitously!

All growed up now I realize that every day has a pot of gold. I realize now that the mysticism of the rainbow is found in all the daily miracles we experience and the pot of gold is the abundance we experience in so many ways.

Once I allowed myself to follow the guidance that appeared in the many synchronicities that occurred….life began to flow. It now flows with ease and grace. I now appreciate and acknowledge the guidance that presents itself.

Rainbows still encourage the mystical and nostalgic and remind me that ….Life is always greener after the rain. The pot of gold….is every day I walk this earth with love and peace in my heart.