I hear people say that miracles don’t occur. They say manifestation is not real. That there is nothing to be grateful for. I find this to be a sad state of affairs…..why?

Because they are not celebrating the small wins. The little daily miracles. Appreciating the mini miracles that happen every day.

When we find a quarter and wish it was a dollar…..that is lack of gratitude. When we accomplish a goal we are quick to pass over the achievement and look at the next goal. We think we have nothing to be grateful for on a bad day.

There is always something good in every day. Whether it is merely the fact that we woke up that day. For many people that is not a luxury that they are enjoying.

How our life appears to us is very much in our attitude towards it.

I have been pondering this morning over the attitude that seems prevalent in society ….that we need more. More money. More love. More stuff. Bigger home. Fancier car. Nicer clothes. We are not happy or grateful for what is.

This past year has been a roller coaster of activity and emotions for me. There were times when I lost myself in the buzz of activity. Lost myself in the busyness. I almost forgot at times what the original goal was because as soon as I freed up some time by accomplishing a goal I would try to fill that window of time with another goal.

I have practiced this year to slow down and embrace each day. To take a pause and celebrate the small wins. To show gratitude for all gifts big and small. To continue to learn and settle into a new way of being.

For a woman that was a few years ago driven by ambition and the desire to be recognized by her peers as an outstanding employee…..this has been a huge shift. I was caught up in the nicer car, bigger home, higher salary. Working in the oilfield for so many years I had adopted a persona that was not me. I was not happy. I was tired and stressed out and just plain old bitchy. I had adopted a persona that was not me in order to meet the expectations of others and succeed in a world that did not resonate.

As I began to regain my sense of self and pay attention to the signs….life began to shift back to centre. That is not to say that the road was clear sailing by any means. It was full of hair pin turns and treacherous conditions to maneuver. But….I have to acknowledge that I got exactly what I asked for. The Universe had to auto correct me several times as manifestation can be interrupted by free will but essentially manifestation is on auto pilot.

When it seems that it isn’t ….it is because we are in our own way. Whether that be emotional blocks that are hindering our ability to move forward or implementing free will to change the course.

I think it is important to be grateful for all things big and small. Celebrate every success and accomplishment. Be aware of the daily mini miracles and embrace them. Gratitude begets abundance. When we send out to the Universe that we are happy and grateful for what we have…..we get more of it!

So get the hell out of your own way and let your life flow with abundance in every possible manner.