When we open ourselves to the signs of the universe the signs just never stop.

Awhile ago a dear friend of mine gave me an essential oil blend….Abundance and Joy she calls it. I put that stuff on everything. Me, my wallet, my bank card, the people around me…and it works like a hot damn. It accentuates my ability to manifest my reality.

First I go to the post office and there is one one envelope in the box. The sender is my insurance company. With trepidation I open it….always anything that looks like a bill gives me heebies. But low and behold…it was a cheque. My boyfriend asked me if I had asked the Universe for money again. I said only every day!!

Now he is open minded and listens attentively when I talk my values and belief system but he wasn’t convinced that my wishing worked. Even after my car synchronistically broke down after I said I was tired of being on the road all the time. Even after I told him how my last job in the oilfield ended after I said I was tired of being tired! After I got the cheque in the mail….he decided he would try it.

He has the knowledge to set his intentions in a positive way….so he tried it. He asked for money….and the very next day a fellow called wanting to come and buy his grain!

Now abundance and synchronicity is not always about money….it is about abundance in all aspects of life. So after I received the cheque in the mail……

We were having some communication issues….he is very black and white….I am all shades of gray….not the 50 shades gray….just the predominant right brain shades of gray. A friend of mine Leann Wolff with Power of Self (check it out…it is truly amazing) does Human Design readings. This little windfall fell right into place to get our human design readings done. I am positive that the reading saved our relationship. Understanding how each of us function cellularly has made all the difference in how we hear and receive information from each other…..a true blessing in the abundance of love.

And then……yesterday my cousin did reiki on me. I have been feeling very jittery and ungrounded lately. As she performed her gift I felt the strong need to focus on grounding. She said after that she had felt the same pull. Last night I received a gift…..a hematite necklace, bracelet and earrings… the signifigance of hematite is

Hematite is a stone that is most commonly — and most strongly — used to ground or stabilize and for protection. In spiritual work, hematite is an excellent stone to help keep yourself also connected to the Earth plane, as some would say via the silver cord, so that your spiritual learnings and travels can be done safely and things learned can be brought back to daily life more easily. 

Gifts from the Universe come in many forms and are always what we need when we need them. Whether it is a call from a friend, a hug from a loved one, a van from a family member, a cheque in the mail…..

The key to this gift of abundance is

  1. Giving…giving attracts receiving
  2.  Receiving graciously and with sincere gratitude begets more abundance
  3. Giving and receiving with heartfelt and true intentions with your highest good.

There are no coincidences. Life unfolds as it is meant to unfold and there is nothing we can do about it except live in our authenticity.