We all have triggers. Those niggling little things that push our buttons. We can feel the pressure building in our bodies and our minds are on a bionic hamster wheel….spinning out of control. Until BOOM. The trigger lock slips and we blast off like a shot.

The intended target is wounded and anyone in the surrounding area is sprayed with the emotional shrapnel of our outburst. The results can be catastrophic. Feelings are hurt, harsh words spoken that can not be retracted and etch themselves into the cellular being of our target.

But much like the innocent deer munching on grass in the clearing….this blast of emotion is often a complete surprise to the target. How can that be?! How can they not know what they did that pissed us off to the point of blowing up?

The better question is often….How can they?

They have lived a very different life experience. Their perception of things is very different and they are functioning from their own unique way of being. They have no way of knowing that they are pushing on the button of a time bomb…….

Unless we tell them.

We have to know and understand what is causing the anxiety building in us….why is this bothering me? Is this really about what is occurring presently or is it a residual unresolved emotion rearing up and saying….’Face me…Face your demon’.

It takes courage to do that….and even more courage to share this intense vulnerability with the person with their finger on the trigger. Will they release the pressure? Will they push harder?

It doesn’t matter….YOU have the power to release that trigger. Release the emotions attached to it and ….the trigger is disabled.

You are the person that can change your feelings about that trigger…the ONLY person that can.