But we choose how to react to it.  Always. Even…or perhaps especially…in the hardest of times. Every event is an opportunity to learn….to grow…to expand our awareness.

Lately I have been tested, repeatedly tested. So many things have happened this year. Maybe it is that I am more aware of the subtleties of synchronicity that the lessons seem to be coming fast and furious. Maybe it is just that the lessons in personal growth are flooding in because I am ready for them. Either way….the learning never stops and is around every corner.

One of the hardest things that I have had to accept lately is that …. It is not all about me. I may be splattered by the overspray…..but its not about me. Sometimes I need to be a passive observer in other peoples journeys.

As hard as it is to do….it is a necessary step. I can’t walk other peoples paths for them….even when I want to. The Universe message to me during these times is to let go. To allow other people the freedom of their learning. To allow that the Universal plan for them is unfolding as it should and does not involve me directly.

I have also been tested regarding standing in my power and not allowing myself to be bullied into letting go of my authentic self. Not allowing others to make themselves more important than I am. Tested to stand firm when disrespected. Tested to stay strong in the face of others devaluing my time and energy. Learning to practice and stand strong in what I coach others to do.

Changing the patterns of learned behaviours is not an overnight process….it is a daily one.