hamster-wheel           We get so caught up in being busy….this is what is expected of us…we wear it like a badge of honour.  Our minds are organizing and reorganizing every second.  Jamming in more things on the to-do list.  Our minds are in constant turmoil. We never slow down and give ourselves time to think.

This crazy train of busyness just  makes us stay stuck in the fight or flight mode. Stress….why do we thrive on stress? Because that is how we are judged by others…. if we aren’t over loaded with stress we are seen as not productive  enough. If we are not going 100mph people think we are not working hard enough.


The hamster wheel keeps us stuck . Stuck in a loop of anxiety and overthinking. Being busy all the time wears us out. The hamster wheel goes round and round with no destination. With no direction and no destination….no goals…. where do we go? Round and round with our thoughts becoming more cayotic by the minute.

We get caught up in the turmoil of life. Missing the small miracles that happen every day….we are too busy looking for something more to appreciate ‘what is’.

  empty-hamster-wheelGet off the hamster wheel. Give your mind time to be still and hear the quiet calm voice of intuition  guiding you. That little voice that propels you   in the right direction with love and  harmony with your purpose. Stay open of heart and mind and  notice all the miracles that come to you every day. Show gratitude for them. Let those little miracles be the stepping stones to  fulfillment and contentment.   Enjoy each moment as we can never get them back. Choose your moments…choose your life. Jump into calm positivity and  grace.