Something that I have become increasingly aware of over the last few years as I have begun to soul search and peel away the layers of self protection, is that…..I am not alone. The braver I am about showing up in my authentic skin….the more often I meet people who are hiding behind brave faces as well.

I love that! It inspires and motivates me to strive to dig deeper and peel away even more layers. Something that I have become aware of is that there are many people that smile through their pain. We are a society that celebrates not showing weakness…..emotion.

My personal observation is that the more we allow ourselves to ‘feel’ what we feel….the happier we are. In the end. The discomfort of processing what we feel at times can be gut wrenching. Painful. Difficult. Especially when we have to accept responsibility for our own participation in creating the dynamic.

I love how I have learned to acknowledge what is triggering a response in me and that every day I learn more about myself when I allow myself to settle in and FEEL the experience.

When I quiet my hamster wheel brain….the answers to the questions appear. Learning to trust those answers has been a slow process. But so rewarding in the end!