The darkest days of our lives are catalysts for the great things to come. You have to know the dark and face the shadows to appreciate the light. The darkness brings growth and change. The darkness forces us to deal with it and struggle to get back to the light.

When we do see the light again it is fresh and new and even more beautiful than before. We have metamorphed into something even more amazing than we were before.

We can face challenges head on and win. We always have help. The descent into darkness is to remind us to reach our hands towards the light and the guiding love of the Universe.

The descent into the darkness is to take us to the place we need to go to cast off the shadows that make our lives hazy and dull. The shadows are memories of the past that no longer serve a purpose in our lives and they need to be cast out of our being. But only we can cast them out…by reaching to the power bigger than ourselves and releasing it to the light and letting the light in turn flood the space where that shadow lurked.