Well wow that was quite a ride!

The super moon of value brought tidal waves of emotion! The storm seems to have settled and coming out of the eye of the storm…my vision and focus is clear again.

So…what did I learn….

That I am not what happened TO me….but I am responsible to accept responsibility for how it controls me. No one else can change that. I can change that paradigm by acknowleging that that what has happened TO me occurred to challenge me to take my life back. Take my power back. Take me back.

The person that did something TO me ….doesn’t care if I forgive them or not…but I do. I feel freer not having that anxiety and ball of poison sitting inside my gut churning and stirring up negativity at every turn.

I can take back my power and the lessons I learned and move forward head held high in a positive way and be my authentic beautiful self!