Good Morning World…

Wow that super moon really shifted so much energy!!

I sat outside bundled in a fuzzy warm blanket and soaked up the rays of the moon. Synchronistically the dreary grey days we have been having cleared for the days of the Super moon.

I sat and thought and prayed and released so much crap that was affecting my sense of value. I let it go to the Universe and had the recognition on a deep emotional level that those things that happened are not Me. I knew that intellectually but it had not connected to my emotional state.

I cried for the little girl that lost the gift of innocence ….but rejoiced for the woman that knows that those experiences occurred for a reason. That reason I truly believe is to make me a better healer….I can understand what people who feel profound loss of self feel and the dangerous road that can lead one down….

Addiction of any sort is damaging to our spirits…but allows us to keep the masks in place that protect us from the judgement of our own minds. Never judge an addict of alcohol, drugs, food, sex…..the addict judges themselves plenty harshly. Neither jump into the pond with them….until they are ready to be saved they will just pull you in with them…

Stand back with a detached loving hand extended and wait for them to reach out to you. When they do….tug hard and pull them come and love them. Love their heart, their soul, their broken spirit….and help put them on the path of Love. Loving themselves first and foremost, that is the missing link.