Start Every Morning in Silence

Listen to your heart, your soul. Listen with your heart, your soul. In the silence of the dawn….be still, be true to you.

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Shit Storms …..are a Blessing in Disguise

embrace-the-good-shitHave you ever had one of those days, weeks, months, years! that just makes you say to hell with this shit! Of course, we all have. But… is not for nothing.

I know I used to wonder what the hell I had done in life to deserve so much shit. I finally embraced that every experience I had was one that made me who I am…And who I am is pretty damn awesome.

Hard times teach us many lessons. Resilience. Strength. Character. Empathy.

It was hard work to overcome the emotional and spiritual blocks that had occurred over time with each shit storm experience. One of the most important things I have learned is our stories are meant to be told as all stories are. Why?

Storytelling is an age old method of communicating. When we share our stories we help others learn and we also learn. We help others and others help us. Life is about community, tribe…..we don’t have to go it alone.

Coming out of our shells to share isn’t always easy. We don’t have to jump up and shout it from the rooftops. When we are ready then when, where and with who presents itself. Taking that first step is the hardest. Being vulnerable after times of trouble is difficult.

Vulnerability is strength. Vulnerability is love. Vunerability is essential in authenticity.

Remember my friends…..when someone takes advantage of your vulnerability….that is about them. Not you! So be vulnerable and authentic and share you story, your light and your love.

Old shit eventually turns into rich, life supporting soil. Just like our shit….In the big picture….we come out of it better people and soul supporting hearts…..Shit is good !!

Carry On Baggage Only….Let go of what no longer serves your lifes purpose

Life is always in motion. It is not always easy to keep up with the momentum life. So many things happen that alter our path. Periodically we have to reevaluate where we are going. Accept that with the changes in life….we are changed. Momentarily or permanently.

At times we get so attached to what was that we don’t leave room for what is, or what can be. Letting go of what no longer serves us can be hard. It may mean letting go of an emotional tie to the past that has been your side kick for as long as you can remember.

It is hard to distinguish the difference between what we are attached to whether it is a thing, person or emotion and what we want or need to go where we want to go. It is hard to make forward momentum when the baggage we are lugging around gets fuller and fuller.

It is time to unpack the baggage, evaluate the contents and lighten the load. Decide what do I really want? What do I really want life to look like? My life.
I realized this morning that I have been caught up in a tangle of emotions generated from what I thought life should look like because I couldn’t let go of what I knew would make my dad happy.

He has been gone over a year now. I have taken on so many things in an effort to be what I want to be and what I know would have made him happy to see in my life. I can not do it all. I have to leave some things out of the suitcase when I repack for the next leg of this journey called life.

It makes me sad to let go of some of those things. But also I can feel the weight lifting as I think of the things that I will not be lugging around anymore. Letting go of things that tied you to someone you love is hard. I am not going to say it is easy….I have to acknowledge that I am a hoarder of sentimentality.

I have kept my horse and her trailer for 2 summers now and barely used them. But I couldn’t let go because dad and I always bonded over horses and riding. It was something he taught me to do and something he always said I was good at and it gave me some rare validation from him.

It is hard to let go of the physical gifts from him. It is harder still to trek forward creating my own validation in myself in things that I find value in. But it is a necessary step in forward momentum. The baggage of things past is holding me back from my future.

I was stubborn about accepting that. It is hard to let go of things that bring the essence of someone you loved and lost. But they are gone and they are not in the things they left behind but in the memories that were shared.

I know that to find joy in the things I love I have to prioritize things in a way that supports my personal journey. Make choices that support where I want life to go. Clarify in myself what that looks like and how to get there.

So here is to learning to pack only a carry on bag for this next leg of the journey!

Green Green Grass

In my work as a wellness practitioner I meet a lot of people that are experiencing struggles in life. They think they need to make big life changes to be happy. They feel like everybody else has a better life. Sometimes they have become someone they don’t recognize anymore because they are trying to be what they think others want from them.

I have learned this in life….everybody faces challenges and what we see from the outside looking in is not always what we think it is. I have also come to recognize that often we respond to pre conceived judgement. We project onto others what we think they think of us. We assume that they are going to judge us and find us falling short.

That may be true in some instances. But those are people that we do not need to be in our inner circle. But often the truth is that people are just like us. Facing demons of years gone by and trying to figure life out.

When we put on the facade that our life is perfect we do not leave the door open for honest and authentic communication, learning and growth. When we open our hearts and minds the people that resonate with us are drawn in and we find the kinship in facing lifes challenges in a positive and beautiful way.

The tribe is out there….and the more we live and breath authentically the easier they are to find.

What Do You Want?

Life is a choice. A choice to be happy. A choice to be unhappy. A choice to live in gratitude for what is or to bemoan what isn’t.

We choose every moment of every day of our life what we want life to look like. Do we want it to be joyous and harmonious? Of course we do.

Then we have to make choices that support that. A lot of choices are based on our perspective of any given situation. It is easy to fall into the societal belief system that the world is against us but that isn’t true.

The universe really is on our side. It gives us whatever we ask for. If we ask for hardship….thats what we get. It is critical to focus on what we have that is good and what we want that is good. If we focus on the negative aspects of life then we attract more of that into our lives.

We are energetic magnets. If we are negatively charged we repel positively charged people and things and attract more of the negativity we say we don’t want. We have to be what we want. Think what we want. Be who we want.

What do you want? Decide. Live it.



Let Your Light Shine

I learned an important lesson today. I was reminded that it is important to stay being ourselves.

Often we change when we get into a relationship or move to a new place, trying to fit into a preconceived box. But that only makes us miserable and also the people around us miserable as a result. They grew to like us for who they met. Maybe even fell in love with us for who they met.

Somewhere along the line we fell back into the rut of what we thought a relationship should look like and as a result made ourselves and others confused and miserable. They don’t understand what happened to the person they met. They don’t know that you are fighting the demons of self destructive patterns.

They can not change the little movies that play in our heads about what life is supposed to be. But, we can. We can take control of our lives and decide that those useless little voices that tell us that things are supposed to look a certain way can take a flying leap. We can change the script of our lives.

The other thing that I was reminded of today is that it is important to be authentic so that we can attract people to our lives that resonate with us. When we show our true selves….scars and all…the tribe appears.

The tribe….the people that don’t judge us. That love us scars and all. The tribe that we think looking in from the outside has a perfect life. The tribe that just like us learns every day, grows every day, faces challenges every day. The tribe that sees our heart.

We have to be open enough to let the tribe find us. Share our joys, sorrows, pains and gains. Be vulnerable and real. When we think we are being strong…we are isolating ourselves and shutting the door on friends and opportunities to be happy. We don’t leave room for sharing and caring and loving.

Be real….be you…..let your light shine so that your tribe can find you!

Tides of Change

via Daily Prompt: Tide

Life is an ever-flowing ebb and flow of change. Everything that happens creates an action or reaction. It is involuntary. Or is it?

Our subconscious minds respond to the stimuli presented at any given moment based on historical events. If something happens that reminds our subconscious mind of a stressful situation our bodies involuntarily respond with stress reactions.

We can change this pattern through via conscious thought patterns. We can interrupt this involuntary reaction and reprogram our subconscious to respond differently.

We can with conscious thought and intention change the tide of the tsunami. We have limitless power to decide how we respond and feel about any situation that we are confronted with. Love and gratitude for everything and all things…. change the tides of our past and our future. Allowing us to embrace the present.


If I Were You…

If I were you and you were me,

How simple life would be.

Your life is charmed,

From what I can see.


Social media tells me so.

and so I believe.

That only I must have shadows,

in the corners of my soul.


But when I meet you face to face.

Look into your eyes and see your heart.

I see the shadows lurking there.

You are me and I am you.


The demons of media playing tricks on my mind.

Challenging my identity at every turn.

But I am me, and you are you.

Both with a perfectly imperfect life.





Pivot Points

I was thinking about this yesterday….how each thing that happens in life that derails us from our path is a pivotal moment of learning. When events arise that change our course….good or bad. It changes the direction and the momentum of our life path.

Pivotal moments are important. They are learning opportunities. I know personally that I am practicing now to stop when they occur and sort through it instead of allowing them to make me do a 180. Thus setting my course in life back to a default point.

I am working on stopping, breathing, assessing….then taking action, movement towards the next step. This isn’t easy. My habit has always been fight or flight, and sometimes fight and flight!

Learning to pause into the lesson being presented is a new experience. But one I am finding very helpful as I am very tired of starting over at a reset point from the past. Letting limiting beliefs and a stunted value system rule over how my life progresses is a behavior that becomes a bad habit. An excuse to fail. A bad habit that I am learning to overcome. As with all tough lessons….getting it perfect every time is unrealistic. Celebrating each small victory and each time the reset point is closer to the present than it was before….is success.

Living in the present and moving forward, not giving power to thought patterns that set me back in time is a challenge. But, I am finding that my reset point doesn’t go back as far as it used to. In time…..I have hope that that pivotal points in life will turn into a graceful pirouette resulting in transitioning into the next step in life with ease and poise.

Looking back over life I recognize many pivot points that set me off on paths of learning that now I recognize for what they are. Forty years later some of them! Slow Learner?! But I now recognize that each pivot point was a part of my journey to who I am. Who I am is F’n amazing.

I take those lessons in life now and assimilate them into who I am. Vulnerable yet strong. Caring but not a pushover. I am not defined by what was done TO me…..I am defined by what I choose to do with the experiences of life.

Pivot points are learning curves. It is our choice whether we repeat the lesson….or get a passing grade….or optimally, take that learning curve and own it and pass with flying colors.



Free To Be Me

There is only one person I know how to be. Me.

There is only one person I can change. Me.

There in only one person I can control. Me.

There is only one entity I answer to. God.

I am free to be me….the only person I know how to be.



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